School gala dates

Caerinion area – 23rd April
Guilsfield area – 24th April
Llanfyllin area – 25th April
Welshpool area – 26th April
4 area gala – 14th May
Welshpool vs Newtown – 22nd May

Welshpool Sharks Committee Meeting

PRESENT: – Pat Jones, Pete Swanton, Ann Jones, Bronwen Poole,  Rachel Lewis, Julia Lloyd, Christine Williams, Delyth Williams, Megan Robbins, Carol Morgan – Thomas, Nikki Piggott, Sue Glover and James Harrison.

APOLOGIES: – Marie Lewis, Helen Crowley and Alison Wilding.

The Chairman Mr James Harrison welcomed everyone to the meeting.

MINUTES: – The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 11th September 2012 were confirmed as a correct record.

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES: – The official’s polo shirts with names on had been received. Pat would like to order another polo shirt if possible.


CHAIRPERSON – The Chairman presented a proposed addendum to the Code of Conduct for Swimmers. Following a couple of incidents involving behaviour it was noted that there was nothing in the Code of Conduct signed by swimmers detailing disciplinary procedures. It was felt that there needed to be recourse fir innapropraite behaviour.  Discussion of the document presented by the Chairman followed.
It was suggested that swimmers re-sign the code of conduct when they renew their insurance in April.
James will look into the constitution, Swim Wales and Dragon Mark to make sure that the proposed code fits with WASA and will also consult with Helen Crowley Child Protection Officer.  Rachel is to pass a copy of the constitution to James.
It was felt that there should be a code of conduct/guidance for coaches – RESOLVED that the code apply to any member of Sharks whether a child or adult. Agreed in principal. The Code of Conduct is to be amended to encompass all members of Sharks.
James will draft a final version.
Guidance is important for poolside coaches.

TREASURER – Christine reported that Marie had ordered the hand paddles and tempo trainers and these had been delivered. Stuart was looking for a supplier who deals with starters and cameras for the club to look at. Alison had chased up those who owed for sessions and all swimmers had now paid. Ideas for collecting gala fees were asked for. It was noted that all swimmers entering galas have an e-mail print out from Nikki. Megan will make a copy of these and put into the file. It was suggested that swimmers are told that entries have to be paid by a deadline and that entry fees can be placed in an envelope marked with the swimmers name and which gala it applies to and posted in the white Sharks box by the notice board. It was noted that a second key for the white box would be useful; Christine will look into getting a copy cut. To avoid the problem of large amounts of cash in the box Megan offered to ask reception to change for notes. It was decided to try this and review.
Christine has paid the invoice for the engraving of trophies for the presentation evening.

COACHES – Pete reported on excellent performances with swimmers doing well in the regionals, making finals and winning medals. Swimmers who swam in the Urdd did well. 15/16 swimmers qualify for the Welsh Nationals.

A mini gala will be held at The Flash on the 23rd March.  Pete will complete a risk assessment for this. It will follow the same format as last year with the age range 8 year olds to 12 year olds.

With regards ECL someone will be asked to take up an official position at some point. All clubs have to supply officials and Sharks will have to run the Holywell gala. Pat congratulated the club on joining the ECL.
Pete suggested possibly changing to a 2 hour session on a Sunday once the canoe club are not using the pool. He appealed for someone to contact Becky.

Long course training Liverpool 2 hours 12 – 2 £18 per lane.

CHILD PROTECTION/WELFARE OFFICER – Child Protection Children in Sport course to be held on the 19th March in Newtown Football club. Nikki, Ian, Rachel, Carol and Megan are to attend. It was noted that all coaches should have been on Child Protection Training. Megan will take responsibility for gathering names and will contact Christine for the money. She will contact Andy and Lindsay.

The Presentation evening had gone extremely well and was enjoyed by all.
It was noted that more use needs to be made of the new website designed by Alex Matthews. Please send information /photos etc. to Alex for inclusion on the website.
Carol informed the committee that sadly Bill Ward had passed away. A wreath had been sent from Sharks and Bills swimming things and paperwork are to be donated to the club. It was suggested that at next year’s presentation evening a trophy be awarded in his name. It was felt that the trophy should be awarded to the best poolside helper Carol will draft a notice and obituary to go on the notice board. It was decided that the home friendly gala to be held on the 23rd March be named the Bill Ward Memorial Gala.

SWIMMERTS REPRESENTATIVE – Delyth had nothing to report.

Swimmers are to be reminded that £5 is payable on the bus for the ECL and Diddy League Galas.
Club officials and helpers were reminded of confidentiality and that no swimmers progress etc. should be discussed, particularly not in the foyer area.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – There will be a brief meeting on Wednesday 13th March at 7.15p.m. in the resteranunt area at The Flash to discuss preparations for the home friendly gala on the 23rd March.

The date of the next committee meeting will be decided by the Chairman. following liaison with committee members – to be arranged.

Diddy league team

Well done to all the following who have made it into the Diddy league team:

Rebecca Edwards
Teegan Bowen
Kiera McVeigh
Chiarra Mana Smith
Celyn Poyner
Ben Simister
Toby Pritchard
Iestyn Price
Denial Owen
Harri Davies
Aleah Robins
Esme Hughes
Anna Davies
Aurora Carter
Taylor Lewis
Tom Bowen
Jack Jones
Rhys Rivers
Ellen Jones
Cerys Davies
Kate Pugh
Aliesha Eliedge
James Edwards
Bran Griffiths
Tom Weaver
Morgan Bowen
Carwyn Owen
Ceri Glover
Ffion Lewis
Jason Simister
Will Powell
Bryn Jones